Design Of Die Cooling System

- Aug 25, 2017-

            1, Mold temperature control System Overview: Plastic injection Molding is the melting state of the plastic high-pressure injection mold cavity, after the melt in the mold cavity cooling to the plastic thermal deformation temperature below solidification molding. The process is achieved by the temperature difference between the melt and the mold, because different molding materials require different mold temperature (mold temperature should be lower than plastic parts hot deformation temperature), if the mold temperature is too high or too low, will affect the quality of plastic parts and production too high: overflow; shrinkage, long curing time, long injection period, low production rate; Low: poor melt fluidity, plastic parts stress increases, there are poor filling, weld marks, lack of surface gloss and other defects; uneven: shrinkage rate deviation, plastic parts deformation and so on; Therefore, the mold design must consider cooling or heating device to adjust the mold temperature.Cooling System

            1 when the molding temperature is insufficient, in order to make the mold to meet the molding requirements of mold temperature, the heating device should be considered; 2 the molding wall thickness is larger than 20mm plastic parts, then should consider the heating device; 3 when the temperature of the material to make the mold temperature exceeds the molding requirements of the mold temperature, then the cooling device should be considered; 4 the mold needs to be cooled when the thermoplastic plastic is generally formed.Cooling System

            2, the purpose of the mold temperature adjustment A, shorten the molding cycle: through effective cooling means to keep the mold under the plastic thermal deformation temperature; B, improve the quality of plastic parts: to prevent demoulding deformation; C, to adapt to special needs: injection of crystalline plastic, in order to control the crystallization of plastic, improve its comprehensive performance, generally required to maintain a high mold temperature, large-scale mold injection molding before the need to preheat, the special needs of the mold local heating, heat flow system heating.Cooling System