First Flower In Dezhou Venlo Greenhouse

- Jan 08, 2019-

soilless cultivate

Remember the 7Ha glass greenhouse project in Dezhou, Shandong province, China?

This glass greenhouse built by KINGPENG group last year. After complete the construction, KINGPENG’s agronomist group carried the operation and management of this greenhouse.

When the greenhouse put into use in December, 2018, tomatoes transplanted afterwards. 

But it was a hard season to do transplant work, as the season was too late than normal growing season and the temperature dropped to the lowest point of the whole year. So after transplanting, the seedlings are too weak to grow a high quality fruit. Then the agronomist decided to cut off the first flower.

One month later, we got a new cluster of flower. Now, in side greenhouse, the brone is working hard for pollination. We are hopeing the great harvest after the Spring Festival!

drone in greenhouse

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