What Is Digital Agriculture?

- Dec 29, 2018-

The concept of Digital Agriculture was formally proposed in America n year 1997.


Digital agriculture use digital information as agriculture production factor, use modern information


technology to visual represent, design and manage the agricultural objects, environment and the whole processes. Digital agriculture makes the effective integration of information technology and all aspects of agriculture, which is of great significance for transforming traditional agriculture and transforming agricultural production methods.


Digital agriculture combines high-tech with remote sensing, geographic information systems, global positioning systems, computer technology, communication and network technologies, and automation technologies with basic disciplines such as geography, agronomy, ecology, plant physiology, and soil science. Real-time monitoring of crops and soils from macro to micro in agricultural production, realizing regular information acquisition on crop growth, development status, pests, water and fertilizer status and corresponding environment, generating dynamic spatial information system for agricultural production The phenomenon and process are simulated to achieve the purpose of rational utilization of agricultural resources, reduction of production costs, improvement of ecological environment, and improvement of crop products and quality.


The composition of digital agriculture including: Internet of Things; Big Data; Precision Farming; Smart Agriculture, four parts.


The characteristics of digital agriculture including:

1.     Highly specialized, large-scaled, and enterprise agriculture production

2.     Well-established agricultural production

3.     Combining of agricultural education, research and promotion

 greenhouse big data

In recent years, China's digital agricultural technology has developed rapidly, breaking through a number of key technologies in digital agriculture and developing a number of practical digital agricultural technology products. Systems like Chinese enterprises have achieved research and application in agricultural expert systems and decision support systems, agricultural distance education multimedia information systems, embedded handheld agricultural information technology products, greenhouse environmental intelligent control systems, digital agricultural macro-monitoring systems, and agricultural bioinformatics. Important phased results, through the application of demonstrations in different types of regions, initially formed China's digital agricultural technology framework and digital agricultural technology system, application system and operation management system, and promoted the process of agricultural informationization and agricultural modernization in China.


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