Ecological Restaurant Greenhouse

- Jul 31, 2020-


Ecological restaurant Greenhouse is designed according to advanced greenhouse engineering technology, and combined with garden technology, biotechnology research.

The design of this kind of greenhouse adopts special or normal steel structure, and the exterior of the restaurant is unique and beautiful; the application of horticultural technology to build the indoor environment of the original ecology of dining; high-tech means to create constant temperature and humidity evergreen natural ecological climate.

This type of greenhouse is leading fashion model in today’s catering industry. Customers can enjoy the enjoyment of natural food, and at the same time feel the return to the comfort nature environment.

The highly recommend design is the Green Eco Hotel:

The main structure is a large span, large bay, high gutter and large space. A special design of opening roof window in the ridge which take into account the ventilation, cooling, air conditioning, dehumidification, noise reduction and other functions; The spacious structure will not only improve the utilization of space, but also left enough creative space for the layout of interior landscape and green plants.

The design of the roof covering material takes into account the lighting requirements and energy-saving requirements for the growth of the internal green plants, and creatively adopts the combination covering method of the PC panel and the color steel composite insulation panel: On the one hand, satisfies the suitable illumination of plants, on the other hand conducive to the cooling air in summer, heat preservation in winter, and reducing energy consumption and operating costs, achieving the real green, ecological, energy saving and high efficient.