Experience On Management Of Oversea Greenhouse Projects

- Oct 16, 2018-

With years of experience on oversea greenhouse projects, there appears many problems, difficulties along with happiness. Especially for company which is non-English-speaking country, communication of installation and commissioning is another expected problem.

greenhouse project manage

However, with more than 20 years’ experience on oversea projects and skilled supervisor team, KINGPENG has a mature project operation experience and internationalization of project management. As our experience, to be engaged in overseas greenhouse project, you must have the following skills:

1. Basic communication skills in English for fluent communication;

2.Good enough experience in installation of greenhouse at site. For example, you will need to deal with common problems, better understand of the construction drawings and switching drawings etc., knew the normal steps of greenhouse construction, and have the ability of making reasonable plan for construction organization. At last but not least, you will have the ability to manage workers on site;

oversea greenhouse project

3. Good at communication, good at coordination. Not only including communicate with people from other countries with difference culture, but also including communicate with your own company. Therefore, be able to put forward ideas and suggestions to solve practical problems;

4. Having the virtue of hard work, strong adaptability, strong resistance to stress and strong psychological quality;

5. Flexible handling of incidents on the scene. Timely detection or foresight of common problems and timely and reasonable treatment;

6.Have the ability of spatial imagination and abstract thinking, and have strong practical operation ability and can solve problems independently;

With these abilities and with our team’s support, we believe we can provide our clients better project solution!

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