Failure And Elimination Of Harvester Cooling System

- Aug 18, 2017-

               During high temperature, the harvester is prone to the simmer of water tank and engine overheating, which makes the machine difficult to operate normally, affecting the production efficiency. The reasons and the elimination methods are:Cooling System

               First, radiator maintenance is not good harvester work process, the lower part of the radiator air channel easy to produce blockage, should always pay attention to the radiator maintenance. But some places lack of air pump and water gun equipment, hand often ignored this work, with the increase in time, the heat dissipation surface blockage is becoming more and more serious, even lost to the heat effect. Elimination Method: Remove the blockage on the air passage between the radiator slices in time. In general, compressed air can be cleared. When the difficulty can be used water gun flushing, and knot suitable fine wire dredge. However, after rinsing, the radiator must be dried before it can be used.Cooling System

               Second, overload Operation Harvester in the long time operation, the power consumption is too large, easy to cause engine speed drop, fan speed is lower, the air volume is insufficient, and cause engine overheating. Elimination method: As far as possible first in the drier field, and according to crop yield, height, maturity timely adjustment of the Harvester forward gear, cutting amplitude and cutting height. Minimize the amount of overtime work.

               Third, the water tank does not cover the heat dissipation core tube plugging; many hand like to let the water tank open to work, in order to: when the water temperature is too high when the engine shell can be added water. In this way, crops broken leaves and dust easily into the water tank, with the cooling water to reach the body and cylinder head and gradually deposited, affecting the heat dissipation, serious will also cause heat dissipation core tube blockage, resulting in overheating engine. Elimination method: In order to save the cooling water required to add the time of the release, after the tank exposure can be used multi-layer gauze sealing, and wire fixed to prevent crop broken leaves and dust into the tank.Cooling System

              Four, cooling water adding method not some hand add cooling water often will be the heat sink wet, and even more, the extra coolant poured into the radiator. This will cause the dust to stick on the top of the blockage, reduce the heat effect. Elimination Method: Add the cooling water should try not to wet the radiator, more can not splash. Hand should correct this incorrect method of manipulation.Cooling System