Failure Of The Cooling System In Operation

- Oct 23, 2017-

Mold temperature Machine According to the different heat transfer medium can be divided into: water-temperature and oil-transporting mold temperature machine, water-type mold temperature machine of the thermal media is water, oil is oil, dual-mode temperature is also oil, composed of two control systems, can control two of different temperatures. Mold temperature Control machine operation is convenient, the quality is excellent, the design is novel, is an indispensable equipment in the modern industry.Cooling System

The direct or open cooling system of the die-temperature machine: This is a very popular system, its basic components are electric pumps and immersion heaters. The electric pump is responsible for running the water in the cooling pipe of the mould. The water temperature is constantly measured, if the temperature reaches the set value, the electric heater shuts off. If the water temperature continues to rise slightly above a certain level, the solenoid valve is opened to allow partial hot water to drain away and the amount of water lost is supplemented by a chilled tap water.Cooling System

The system is generally used because it has the advantage of simplicity of design and low manufacturing costs (compared with indirect systems). But the system needs to add new tap water, which means more molten chemicals are also added into the system, which accelerates the deposition of cooling pipes. In order to reduce the cooling temperature, the power control and the accuracy of water temperature measurement must be very good, so that the temperature control in the required range, some systems can be adjusted to adapt to the temperature of the mold.Cooling System

The general range of the mold production temperature suitable for thermoplastic parts is 20-80 ℃ (68-176f°), so most of them are treated water as coolant, we need to note that the temperature of the coolant and the temperature of the mold may vary greatly, for example: 40℃/100f°. For the pressurized form of cooling pipe, if the system is water-based, its highest temperature is 140℃/284f°: If the system is oily, the highest temperature is 350℃/662f°. The temperature of the mold temperature machine can be very low when the refrigeration system is used. If the temperature is lower than 10℃/50f°, the coolant must be a mixture of water/alcohol (coagulant).Cooling System