Family Plant Factory¬----a new navigation of urban agriculture In the future

- Nov 08, 2016-

                                                     Family Plant Factory

With the idea of “Enrich urban life, Lead fashion of greenhouse technology”, Kingpeng designs intelligent machine for urban family as a fashionable household product. It will be a necessary family appliance in the future. It is a concentration of large plant factory which control the growth of plant through intelligent control system and provide suitable lighting, humidity, temperature and nutrient solution, etc.


From the energy-saving aspects, Kingpeng R & D team have six innovations from the selection of box insulation material and filling process improvement, nutrient circulation drive component design, air exchange system layout and optimization etc. aspects, and made the power consumption of family plant factory during normal using reduced to approximately one fridge.


In the family, using artificial light technology and combined with hydroponic technology for agricultural production, which can solve the problem of family vegetable safety, but also play a role of family green decoration and indoor oxygen bar evolution. Therefore, in a sense, whether it is family plant factory or the family plant factory will become a new model for the future development of urban agriculture.