2.4 Hector Film Greenhouse For Eustoma Go Into Service In Yunan, China

- Dec 03, 2019-

In Kunming, the capital of flower in China, a plantation farm built up 5 hactors of film greenhouse for eustoma flower grow and seedling. The first 2.5ha greenhouse built by KINGPENG in year 2017, after service 2 years, another 2.4ha film greenhouse go into service in June, 2019.

film greenhouse in Yunan

In this seedling farm, the seedling work from January to October, each breeding period lasts 2 months. The long-term and stable supply to market with high quality seedlings, the ordor amount growing rapidly which makes the grower feel confidence with this business in the future.

film greenhouse

This newest greenhouse is divided into 4 planting areas, each of which has 5880 square meters. Every 2 planting areas connected by a covered corridor which serves as an operation area. According to the climate in Yunnan, the greenhouse is equipped with internal shading system, internal thermal insulation system, wet-pad & fan cooling system, and munal rolling bench.

rolling bench

KINGPENG is committed to creating the most suitable environment for plant growth, providing comprehensive solutions for growers, and laying a solid facility foundation for large-scale planting! If you also wish to build your own nursery greenhouse, please feel free to contact us!

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