Another New Film Greenhouse Constructing In Ashkhabad

- Nov 30, 2018-

In this cold season,  the construction work are almost finish in North area because of heavy snow and frozen land.QQ图片20181128100738 But at construction site in Ashkhabad, a new film greenhouse is under construction tightly.

Same as the film greenhouse that KINGPENG provided in previous years, this new film greenhouse also using PO film. PO film greenhouse has outstanding performance of heat preserve ability, it can keep the far infrated ray in side greenhouse. This character makes the energy comsumption of PO film greenhouse much lower than other film greenhouses.

This new film greenhouse obtained 14,400.00 square meters for soilless tomato grow and located in Ashkhabad. KINGPENG provided full solution for the greenhouse, and heating system and cultivaiton system will be perpared locally. In this way, the cost on transportation and some materials will be lower.

KINGPENG will help you with full solution for your greenhouse !

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