Finally, The New Generation Kingpeng Container Plant Factory Is Coming!

- Sep 07, 2018-

Plant Factory is the system that can make the production all year round in the closed or semi-closed space, according to the environment control and automatically technology. The main characteristics is accurate environment control, industrialization production, health and safety, green production, high density production, and the container plant factory has another special advantage, it is liberated from geographical restriction and easy to move. China Kingpeng design and launch the third generation Kingpeng Container Plant Factory according to improvements and upgrades on base of the first and second generation.


The growing shelf in the container plant factory is in modular design, there are 4 modules in one container. The size of each shelf is 5350×720×2410(mm). The framework of the shelf is assembled with C type steel and rectangular tube, and there are 6 trundles under the shelf, so it is also easy to be moved. Each growing modules has 5 layers construction, with irrigation system on each layer. 4 growing modules use one nutrient circulation tank, the size of the tank is 2300×600×450(mm), effective volume is 0.6m³. The crops is planted in the PVC growing gutter which is designed and produced especially for the container plant factory, the width is 113mm. There are 4 line gutters on each layer, the distance of the gutter is 160mm from center to center, the growing cup can be used in the system. There are 80 pieces LED lights totally, each power is 40w, the length is 1230mm. The artificial lights can be controlled according to the plants’ requirement.



You can produce 3000 heads lettuce in 20-25 days with less water consumption. No need for chemical pesticide, so, high yield and safety production is easier to get in the container plant factory.

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