Five Systems Of IOT Greenhouse

- Jul 31, 2020-

                                                                  IOT Greenhouse Systems

“Internet of things "is recognized as the world’s another information revolution wave after the computer, the Internet and mobile communications. In the field of agricultural production, IOT technology has brought unprecedented opportunities for the realization of agricultural information and industrialization. Especially in China, it is of great significance to speed up the transformation of agricultural development mode, improve the cultivation and management efficiency of agriculture, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture.


The new Low Carbonate IOT Greenhouse built by Kingpeng is considered as a successful application model of IOT greenhouse technology in agricultural equipment field and is a mark that the popularization, promotion and industrialization of agricultural IOT technology application has reached a new stage.


This kind of greenhouse combine the low-carbon energy-saving technology, IOT technology and modern agricultural equipment and technology, not only has low energy consumption, high efficiency, ecological and environmental protection features, but also at the same time can test and display fruits、vegetables, flowers, strawberries and species seedling in the function aspect, In addition, the low-carbon network of greenhouse also integrates a variety of modern facilities, agricultural high-tech, such as selection of remote control, automated nursery equipment and intelligent flower cultivation and transmission integration system, three-dimensional cultivation mode, the most representative Is its "greenhouse intelligent monitoring system."

The "intelligent monitoring system" of kingpeng Low-carbon Greenhouse mainly includes five independent subsystems: environmental control subsystem, nutrient fluid control subsystem, solar power generation, solar energy collection and video monitoring subsystem.


(1) Environmental Control Subsystem

Greenhouse environmental control system mainly consists of on-site environmental data acquisition equipment (including outdoor weather station, indoor environmental data acquisition), controller and host control. The wireless communication technology (433Mhz / Zigbee / Wifi) is installed between the environment data collector, the controller, the host computer and the outdoor weather station for data transmission. Host computer and the database server and the Web application server through Internet or fiber-optic interconnect.


(2) Nutrient Fluid Control Subsystem

Similar to the environmental control system, this system is based on the collector, controller and the host computer design, and the on-site devices using wireless communication technology for data transmission.


(3) Solar Micro-grid Power Generation Subsystem

Micro-grid refers that all the photovoltaic power generation can be used first under the condition of normal public supply, while the battery as a backup source of energy is always in a state of charge, redundant photovoltaic power generation can be fed to the public power. Through the two-way inverter, the battery can access the public power, and under the two-way inverter AC charger model can ensure that the battery is always full.


(4) Solar Energy Collection

The system mainly includes solar collector system, solar energy storage tank, circulatory system, automatic control system, intelligent monitoring and display system


(5) Video Monitoring Subsystem.

In the production area, the corridor, subsidiary flower planting room, packing room, a total of 12 monitoring points. In the monitoring center through camera can achieve the full range monitoring for greenhouse and surrounding environment.