Floriculture Business Is Recovering In Yunnan,China

- Sep 08, 2020-

The flower price is going down sharply at the first half of 2020 in Yunnan Province, China. The Covid-19 brought heavy damage for floriculture business this year around the world. Yunnan Province plays a very important role in China. But so many beautiful flowers just were throw away or decomposed inside the greenhouse at the beginning of this year. So many flower farm owners got big loss and lost the confidence for the future business. China government took powerful actions to control the Covid-19 and now national industries are recovering quickly now. 


Kingpeng has never stopped our steps even during the hard period. After long term study discussion and study, Kingpeng has started another new flower greenhouse project in Kaiyuan, Yunnan.


This is the third phase project for customer. Total area is about 20000 m2 and it’s covered by glass, and equipped with outside shading, inside shading, ventilation system. The nature weather in Yunnan is very suitable for Gerbera flower growing in fact. But the greenhouse still adopts fully automatic control system to guarantee the best environment for the flower. 


Kingpeng has been engaging in turnkey project around the world and we’ve collected much experience for flower production greenhouse such as Rose Flower, Orchid, Gerbera, Anthurium.We not only supply fully controlled production greenhouse but also nursery house , packing house and working house. Kingpeng has set up branch office in Yunnan Province more than 15 years. Kingpeng greenhouses cover most of areas around Yunnan and it also brought outstanding economic growth for local habitants while these projects supplied job positions for local minority nationality. Kingpeng will continue to do the meaningful job together with partners.

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