Perfect Complete Of Peony Greenhouse

- Oct 08, 2018-


Recently, the greenhouse in “International Peony Industrial Park of Qingdao” has complete perfectly in Qingdao, Shandong. This industrial park is located in west cost of Qingdao, as part of Rural Complex project of Qingdao, the total investment reach to billon level.

Kingpeng corporation, as a one-stop solution supplier of greenhouse project and the leading position of China’s greenhouse industry, honored to undertook this project.


It is known that this greenhouse is for technique purpose of research and study of peony varieties and breeding of rare species. It will be the most important model base for standard breeding and growing of peony in China. In next few years, the Ornamental Garden, Peony Gene data bank, Integrated service Center and Deep Processing Center will be complete in the industrial park. On the occasion, the “International Peony Industrial Park of Qingdao” will make further contribution to the peony development and application industry in China.


In the future, Kingpeng will continuous help to build more high-quality greenhouses and help the development of national Science and technology agriculture and eco-tourism demonstration area development.

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