Fresh Flower Business Is Flourishing In Greenhouses In Yunnan

- Aug 31, 2018-

Kunming City is a famous flower trade center of China and now it has grown into the biggest flower distributing center in Asia and the volume of flower business is about 3 million US Dollars per day and more than 10 billion per year and there are more than 10000 people trading in the “Dou Nan” flower trading center everyday, so Kunming is also call “Flower Capital”.


Greenhouse is a good way to improve the flower production and quality and during the past 10 years, the flower greenhouse has sprouted very fast and now become an important way to grow high quality flowers.



In 2015, a venlo glass greenhouse is finished in Jinning District, Kunming City. This greenhouse is design and built by Kingpeng and occupy an area of 5000 sqm and it applies a lot of modern flower growing system and climate control system so that the flower can live in very comfortable environment. This is also the first large scale flower growing glass greenhouse in Yunnan.


What is worth mentioning is, this greenhouse project is invested by a hi-tech company name MI which is one of the most important new intelligent technology creator on Smartphone in China. Until now, this flower greenhouse the annual value of production is USD1.5million and lead a new trend of large scale flower greenhouse production.



Start from last year, at least 20 hectare new flower greenhouses has been finished in Yunnan Province and more and more invest and growers has the knowledge of greenhouse flowers and we believe greenhouses will be the future of flower growing business.


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