From Greenhouse To “greenhouse At Fingertips”

- Oct 23, 2020-

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China. The overall mechanization rate of cultivation and harvest of major crops in China has exceeded 70%. However, the mechanization development among different agricultural industries and regions is still uneven. Chinese experts said that in the future, the facility agriculture, hilly and mountainous agriculture and animal husbandry should be targeted as weakness.


The autumn harvest is in full swing across China, with various agricultural machinery galloping across the vast fields. However, there are still many places and links to rely on human and animal power.


Luo Xiwen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and honorary President of Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery said, in the face of an aging labor force, mechanization has played an important role in maintaining the steady development of China's agriculture.

China is the largest country in facility agriculture. Facility agriculture has broken the pattern of relying on the weather for food and farming in the open air, but it also has some shortcomings. 'The mechanization level of facility agriculture is only 30%, less than half of the mechanization level of planting industry,' said Tu Zhiqiang, deputy head of the Agricultural Machinery Promotion Center at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. 'Production is still dominated by labor, making it difficult to hire workers and expensive.' Because land use is difficult, land is expensive, a lot of existing production facility interior space is insufficient, do not facilitate mechanization operation.


Globally speaking, facility agriculture in the Netherlands, Australia and other countries has basically realized mechanization, with high production efficiency and output per unit. Greenhouse is moving towards “greenhouse at fingertips”. For example, the high yield of tomatoes in Chinese greenhouse is about 22kg/m2, which is only 43% of the average yield of tomatoes in the Dutch greenhouse. Affected by the working environment and production scale, the insufficient development of mechanization in Chinese facility agriculture is very prominent: in the field of facility horticulture, there is a lack of equipment for seedling grafting, transplanting and harvesting, and low per capita labor productivity.

In recent years, a lot of explorations have been made on the combination of facility agricultural mechanization and intelligentization. Beijing Kingpeng, as a subordinate unit of Beijing Agricultural Machinery Institute, has also made its own unremitting efforts.


Kingpeng intelligent greenhouse built in 2013 with an area of 3024 square meter and located in Kingpeng’s R&D base in Tongzhou, Beijing. As one of key projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, it was China's first ecological greenhouse with no pollution and low energy consumption. The project focuses on the high-tech integration and innovation of the greenhouse's building structure, supporting systems, new energy and factory equipment. This glass greenhouse integrates a variety of advanced technologies with functions of experiment, displaying and producing fruits and vegetables, strawberries, flowers and seedlings.


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