Full Of Green In The 90000 M2 High-level Glass Greenhouse

- Nov 03, 2020-

"The smart greenhouse has been completed and put into use," said Yan Fengqi the Project Manager excitedly.This project design and undertaken by Beijing Kingpeng, and the 90,000 square meter tomato production base in Shandong province has recently entered the preparation stage for completion and acceptance.The project is another typical project that combining Netherlands technical. During this period, due to the impact of the COVID-19, Kingpeng and foreign technical guidance personnel could not come to the site, and under concerted efforts to complete the installation.


Before construction, KINGPENG organize the workers on-site for safety, project progress and quality.”Every day we must have a meeting about the project process, problem and construction plan to ensure the process and quality” said the Project Manager Mr. Yanfengqi.


                                        The picture shows the foundation construction of the project

At present, the commissioning of greenhouse facilities and equipment has been completed. The seedlings transplanted ahead of time have already had a month, and the indicators inside the greenhouse are normal. “we are very satisfied with the greenhouse including the design,on-site construction on organization and management of Kingpeng”, said the Operation Manager of the user.


The greenhouse is equipped with advanced machine:With advanced high-level service areas, world leading irrigation and heating system, and all covered with scattered tempered glass and new internal insulation, internal shade and side roll insulation system.The whole system achieves the aim of low energy consumption and high yield.