Fully Open Roof Vent For Multi-span Film Greenhouse

- Apr 18, 2020-

film greenhouse

Natural ventilation is relying on internal & external air thermal pressure and external wind pressure to achieve the purpose of exchanging indoor and outdoor air. With a reasonable natural ventilation design, can help with reduce thermal and humidity, as well as CO2 increasing inside greenhouse.

With the study of Beijing Agriculture Machinery institute and Beijing Kingpeng Corporation, a type of fully opened roof vent film greenhouse set up in Hainan province, in China. After several years study, this type of greenhouse shows a great ability on greenhouse ventilation. A whole system is using gear-rack drive system, which including reduce motor, gear & rack, insect proof net and drive shaft. Greenhouse gutter as the fixed axis to open & close roof window. It provides adequate ventilation with a ventilation ratio close to 100%.

fully open roof vent

greenhouse ventilation

This greenhouse geographical coordinates are 18°22 '~ 18°47' n, 109°45 '~ 110°08' e, Located in the south of the tropic of cancer, with a tropical island monsoon climate.

If your project is located in a similar latitude, or have problem with temperature and humidity decrease, please feel free to contact KINGPENG!


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