Function Of Cooling System

- Sep 30, 2017-

The cooling of the car engine is a forced circulating water-cooled system, which uses a pump to increase the pressure of the coolant and forces the coolant to circulate in the engine. Cooling system mainly by the pump, radiator, cooling fan, compensation tank, thermostat, the engine body and the cylinder head in the water jacket and ancillary equipment and other components. In the cooling system, in fact, there are two cooling cycles: one is to cool the main engine cycle, the other is the car heating cycle. These two cycles are engine-centered and use the same coolant. Cooling System

Cool the main cycle of the engine.Cooling System After the cold car, the engine is gradually warming, the temperature of the coolant can not open the system of the thermostat, this time the coolant is only through the pump in the engine "cold cycle", the purpose is to make the engine as soon as possible Normal operating temperature. With the engine temperature, the coolant temperature rises to the opening temperature of the thermostat (usually after this temperature is at 80 ° C), the cooling cycle begins with a "normal cycle". This time the coolant from the engine out, through the front of the car radiator, heat, and then into the engine by the pump.The engine cooling must be moderate.If the engine cooling is insufficient, will make the cylinder inflated enough and premature and deflagration and other combustion is not normal phenomenon, the engine power will drop, and the engine parts will be due to poor lubrication and accelerated wear, but if the cooling Excessive, on the one hand because of excessive heat dissipation, is converted into useful heat reduction, on the other hand due to mixed breath and cold cylinder contact, so that the original gas has been condensed and flow to the crankcase, not only Increase the fuel consumption, and make the oil thinning affect the lubrication, the result will also reduce the engine power, wear and tear.Cooling System

Therefore, the cooling system is to make the work of the engine to moderate cooling, so as to maintain the most appropriate temperature range jobs.Cooling System