Functional Greenhouse Films Became A Focus Of Development Of The Film Industry

- Jul 08, 2016-

Recently, agricultural plastics technology from China plastic products for agriculture chapter of the Association of learned by 2015, the "Thirteen-Five" period, not only will continue to expand the national horticulture area, equipment will also be upgraded. Meanwhile, remainder of pollution problems. To this end, the film industry has clearly "Thirteen-Five" is focused on product development of functional agricultural film.

Agricultural plastics Institute of technology of agricultural products in China Chairman Qin Lijie introduction film and there is strong trend in recent years, with annual sales of more than 40 billion yuan. The 2014 national agricultural output exceeded 2.4 million tons in 2015 is expected to exceed 2.6 million tons.

With the accelerating pace of agricultural modernization, agricultural film, "private custom" become the trend, developed with a variety of special features of the film is around the corner. Qin Lijie explained that the so-called personal customization, based on the different needs of farmers, in particular demand for high-end production films. Production of fruit and vegetable crops need more than red light, it requires plastic sheeting provided by manufacturers, greenhouse film with light function; planting flowers need light environment, greenhouse film requires has astigmatism.

For 25 years, covering an area of increased 10 times, China Times, the plastic sheeting covering an area has ranked first in the world. The rapid development of the film industry, intensive management of agriculture, industrial production of agricultural products becomes a reality. This is May 25 reporters from China plastic Association and plastic sheeting on the annual celebration of 25 years of the Special Committee to understand the information.