GanSu Glass Greenhouse Major Installation Work Finished Before Chinese New Year

- Feb 02, 2021-

Beijing Kingpeng construction team continue work on Gansu province project for vegetable growing. The project is located in the central and western regions of China - Gansu province. Which is a traditionally economically underdeveloped part of China.


Beijing Kingpeng works with clients and the local government to improve local agriculture and build modern glass greenhouses.

This greenhouse area is above 1 hectare, will used for growing tomato nursery. Greenhouse equipped tidal irrigation system and bench system. Hot water boiler, water heating system, screen system, ventilation system and tidal irrigation system all will control by computer.


Despite the Chinese New Year is approaching, Beijing Kingpeng construction team is still working on the site. They expected to complete most of the greenhouse installation work before the Chinese New Year.