Glass Greenhouse

- Jul 31, 2020-

Glass as the main light covering of greenhouses, is a kind of greenhouse. Long service life, applicable to a variety of areas and a variety of climates, is divided into a number of different greenhouse to grow different plants.

Glass greenhouse concept

Glass greenhouse with greenhouse of glass for lighting materials, is a kind of greenhouses, cultivation facilities, the glasshouse as a form of long service life, suitable for use in many regions and under different climatic conditions. Span and Bay sizes within the industry is divided into three construction models, with different use modes: glass greenhouse vegetables, flowers, glass greenhouse, nursery glasshouse, research, eco-glass greenhouse glass greenhouse, three-dimensional glass greenhouse, shaped glass greenhouse intelligent glass, casual glass greenhouse, greenhouses, and so on. Their area and use the way you can greenhouse free allocation, minimum leisure garden, large height up to 10 m above the span can be up to 16 meters, bays up to 10 meters, smart enough to reach a key control. GlassHouse heating problem using a variety of heating centers its energy costs are acceptable.