Glass Greenhouse Basics

- Aug 25, 2017-

               Foundation Classification Glass Greenhouse Foundation separate Column Foundation and the Bar Foundation two kinds. The Independent Foundation can be used for the inner column or the side column, and the Strip Foundation is mainly used for the side wall and the inner partition.Glass Greenhouse

               Design requirements based on the design, the geological data of the construction field should be carefully analyzed, one is the field Geological Survey report (for important large-scale greenhouse projects); The second is the construction site test (for general projects); Three is based on experience and the nearby project reference Geology information (for small projects). In the foundation design, in addition to meet the requirements of strength, but also should have sufficient stability and resistance to uneven settlement, and the foundation of the connection between the pillars should also have enough transfer of the role of horizontal force and space stability. The greenhouse bottom should be located below the permafrost layer, the heating greenhouse can consider the influence of heating on the foundation frost depth according to the climate and soil condition.Glass Greenhouse

               The bottom of the general base should be below 0 of the outdoor floor. More than 5 meters, the base top surface and outdoor surface should be greater than 0. 1 m to prevent exposure to base and adverse effects on cultivation. In addition to special requirements, the roof of the greenhouse base and indoor surface should be greater than 0.4 meters. The buried parts connected with the greenhouse steel structure are arranged on the top of the foundation, and the design of the buried parts is also an important part of the basic design. The connecting way between the buried parts and the superstructure is mainly hinged, consolidated and elastic, and the design and construction methods are different according to the connection mode, but all the buried parts must ensure the good connection with the foundation, and ensure that the force coming from the superstructure is correctly transmitted to the foundation.Glass Greenhouse