Glass Greenhouse Concept

- Jun 13, 2017-

    Glass is the main translucent cover material of the greenhouse, belonging to a greenhouse. Long life, suitable for a variety of areas and a variety of climate, to plant different plants into a variety of different greenhouse.

    Glass greenhouse refers to the glass as a lighting material greenhouse, belonging to a greenhouse, in the cultivation facilities, the glass greenhouse as the longest life of a form, suitable for a variety of areas and the use of various climatic conditions.

    The industry to span and the size of the split between the size of the building model is not divided into different ways to use: vegetable glass greenhouse, flower glass greenhouse, nursery glass greenhouse, eco-glass greenhouse, scientific glass greenhouse, three-dimensional glass greenhouse, Glass greenhouse, leisure glass greenhouse, intelligent glass greenhouse and so on.Glass Greenhouse

    Its area and the use of the way the owner can be free deployment of the greenhouse, the smallest courtyard leisure type, large height of up to 10 meters above the span of up to 16 meters, the largest room up to 10 meters, the degree of intelligence can reach a key control. Glass greenhouse heating problems can be used in a variety of heating methods, the energy consumption center, most can accept.Glass Greenhouse

    Glass greenhouse structure mainly includes greenhouse foundation, greenhouse steel structure and aluminum alloy structure.Glass Greenhouse

    Basic classification of glass greenhouse based on independent column base and bar foundation two. The independent base can be used for the inner column or side pillar. The strip foundation is mainly used for the side wall and the partition wall.Glass Greenhouse