Glass Greenhouse For Nursery In Jiangsu, China

- Apr 24, 2019-

A nursery greenhouse is under construction in Taizhou, Jiangshu province in China.  To make a better envirnment for seedlings, this greenhouse using seedling bench system which can maximize the growing area inside greenhouse.

Taizhou Jiangsu

To grow great quality young plants, higher RH and less sun light is needed for a bursery greenhouse. Based on this, there is a inside shading system is fixed under the beam, to control the sunlight. On the other hand, a high pressure fogging irrigation machine which developed by KINGPENG R&D team, is using for irrigation and humidity control.

This greenhouse project is 4000m2, start construction work in this February and will be complete at begining of May. With complete environment control system, we choose CX500 control system from HortiMax, to control every system automaticly.

nursery greenhouse

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