Glass Greenhouse Heating

- Jul 01, 2017-

             In the northern part of China's glass greenhouse, the need for winter heating, otherwise can not be produced in winter. Greenhouse heating time is not the same, in the northeast heating time takes about 5 months $number months, in north China needs 3 months ~ months. Planting flowers or raising seedlings in the south also requires heating or temporary warming.

             1. Hot water heating heating system by hot water boiler, heating pipe and cooling equipment three basic components, its work process is to use the boiler to heat water, and then by the pump pressure, hot water through the heating pipeline to supply the radiator in the greenhouse, through the radiator to heat, improve the temperature of the greenhouse, cooling hot water back to the boiler reheat repetitive cycle. The hot water heating system is stable and reliable, and is the most commonly used heating mode in glass greenhouse.Glass Greenhouse

             2. Hot air Heating system is composed of heat source, air heat exchanger, fan and air supply duct. Its working process is: heat-supply heating air ventilator by heat source, forcing some air in the greenhouse to flow through the air heat exchanger, so as to continuously circulate the greenhouse heating. Hot-Air heating system can be a heat source of fuel, gas, coal-fired device or electric heater, can also be hot water or steam. Different heat sources, hot air heating equipment installation form is not the same. The air heat exchanger of steam, electric heating or hot water heating system is installed in the greenhouse to provide hot air directly with the wind turbine. The fuel, gas-fired heating device is installed in the greenhouse, and the burning flue gas is discharged into the greenhouse. Coal-fired hot-air stove general volume is larger, the use is also relatively dirty, generally installed in the greenhouse outside. In order to make the hot air in the greenhouse evenly distributed, from the ventilator to the heat into the ventilation pipe.Glass Greenhouse

              3. Electric heating is a more common way of electric heating is buried in the ground line, used to improve geothermal, mainly used in greenhouse nursery. Electricity is the cleanest and most convenient energy, but the electricity is two times energy, itself is more expensive, therefore can only be used as a temporary heating measures.Glass Greenhouse