Glass Greenhouse On Building Roof

- Feb 18, 2021-

The greenhouse is located in Shandong Province, the main scale of the project construction greenhouse is about 10,000 square meters, the axis area is 8870.9 square meters. The greenhouse is built on the second floor of the building (it is a steel structure building), which is divided into 20 experimental areas.


The construction contents include structure, covering materials, roof ventilation system, wet pad with cooling fan, air internal circulation system, external shading system, internal shading/insulation system, side insulation system, high pressure fog spraying system, wiring of light supplement system, water supply and drainage system, computer automatic control system, power distribution system, etc.


   Greenhouse is not strand greenhouse, has 8.4 meters span with double roof ridge. The greenhouse is designed for local scientific research work, it is located on the roof of a scientific research institute. There is no sufficient material field at the top of the greenhouse, so the material demand for site installation is basically calculated accurately. Construction is affected by wind, rainy season and other weather. In addition, the construction period of the project is tight, and the construction quality of the scientific research greenhouse is very high. Finally, it is due to China's epidemic prevention and control factors. Kingpeng team actively coordinated the site installation and other departments, worked hard for three months.