Glass Greenhouse Project In Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province

- Apr 07, 2020-

strawberry greenhouse

With the trend of the epidemic is gradually getting better, the greenhouse project in Jiaxing, Zhe Jiang Province, China have started installation. This year, 8000sqm glass greenhouse set up which is a part of local plantation area for strawberry. Jiaxing is located in Yangtze River Delta, with four distinct seasons and comfortable temperature. The only problem is high humidity in summer. Under high humidity and near the sea, greenhouse steel structure can be rusted easily if the zinc coat is not thick enough or the galvanizing process quality is not good.

glass greenhouse

KINGPENG’s production always follow ISO9001 standard since its born. Not only the greenhouse structure production will be organized in a high standard, but also all systems and equipment will be used in greenhouse. For this project in Jiaxing, the structure has been plastic coated to against rust problems.

With high standard of production and integration, Kingpeng always provide reliable greenhouses in China market!

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