Glass Greenhouse Roof Cleaning Device

- Aug 06, 2017-

                    Greenhouse, as an important part of modern agriculture, is developing rapidly at home and abroad to meet people's demand for high quality and high yield of agricultural products, however, because greenhouse is easily polluted by dust and microorganism in the natural environment, especially the roof, which causes the decrease of transmittance of the greenhouse to affect its normal use. At present, most of the cleaning of greenhouse is manual cleaning, high cost, low efficiency and high risk. Greenhouse is mainly divided into glasshouse and plastic greenhouses, and the two greenhouses are different in shape structure and construction materials. Cleaning equipment also has a certain difference; review of the research status of greenhouse roof cleaning equipment at home and abroad, there are few glass greenhouses, the existing a mature glass greenhouse top cleaning device can only be used to clean the glass greenhouse without shading net, and most of our glass greenhouses are installed shading net.Glass Greenhouse

                   In view of the difficulty in cleaning the roof of roof type glass greenhouse in our country, there is no suitable cleaning equipment, and the whole design scheme of the top cleaning device of glass greenhouse is put forward, and its function and composition structure are determined. The cleaning device realizes the automatic cleaning on roof of roof type glass greenhouse by wireless remote control operation. Through the test to determine the cleaning method, the overall mechanical structure of the cleaning device is reasonably designed, including four parts of the device bracket, walking mechanism, cleaning mechanism and lifting mechanism.Glass Greenhouse

                   The hardware and software of the control system are designed and debugged, the cleaning device is controlled by the wireless remote control system, which mainly includes the transmitting unit and the receiving execution unit. Hardware design mainly includes walking motor control module, cleaning motor control and current detection module, lifting motor control and current and limit position detection module, the top of the roof detection module, walking synchronization detection module, wireless remote control module, working status indicator module, power supply module, select Mircroship Company production pic16f1828 chip for remote transmitter unit CPU, PIC18F4580 chip to receive execution unit CPU, Mrf49xa chip for the Wireless Transceiver module, MC33186 for walking motor driver chip, VNH5200AS-E for the lifting motor driver chip. In the aspect of software design, on the basis of confirming the data protocol of the remote Control key, the wireless sending main program, receiving and executing main program, the interrupt subroutine at the top of the shed, the limit position interrupt subroutine, the cleaning subroutine, the forward back subroutine and so on are designed.

                   At last, the complete cleaning device is tested and debugged on the glass greenhouse Test platform, and the orthogonal test is used to select the optimal horizontal parameters of the positive pressure, walking speed, brush speed and water injection of the factor disc brush, and the feasibility and rationality of the system are verified. The test results show that the cleaning device designed in this paper can realize the expected design function, and the personnel can clean, advance, rewind, speed and stop the cleaning device by wireless remote control. Easy to operate, the system can be achieved to reach the top of the canopy automatically stop; automatic adjustment of the lifting motor control disc brush and the roof glass pressure, to ensure the cleaning effect: with synchronous detection and correction function, so that the left and right side of the cleaning device is not deviation; The Designed cleaning device works under the optimal combination of the effect factors of cleaning effect, the transmittance of the glass greenhouse roof before cleaning is 200%~35%, the light transmittance can reach more than 80% after cleaning, the cleaning effect is good, the system work is reliable and stable, and the basic design requirement is reached.Glass Greenhouse