Glass Greenhouse Selection And Cleaning

- Sep 01, 2017-

     The most commonly used glass greenhouse is the float plate glass, which has a physical and optical function, and is used by most countries in the world. The transmittance of transparent glass in wavelength 330nm~4000nm band range can reach 90%, and the incident light is mainly direct. Scattering light accounted for a small share, the shortage of 10%, the transmission of excellent function.Glass Greenhouse

     Heat-insulating glass almost does not exceed 4000nm above the long-wave radiation, the indoor surface of the Long-wave radiant energy is blocked by the glass roof indoors. Indoor to throw away less heat, so the heat preservation function is good. Because of low UV transmittance, anti-aging function, high transmittance, the use of a span of up to 25 years.Glass Greenhouse

     Anti-Drop glass surface hydrophilic good, prevent droplets talent strong. The coefficient of shrinkage and contraction is low and the structure coefficient is reliable. But the glass density is big (2500kg/m 3), to the skeleton load-bearing begged stern. The impact resistance of glass is poor and brittle. Therefore, in the process of greenhouse equipment, through anti-aging flexible mosaic data to strengthen the glass impact of talent. To sum up, glass as the cover of the Glass greenhouse has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most of the greenhouses today use glass as a cover for the top PC sun panels.Glass Greenhouse

     Glass should be stored in a monotonous, hidden situation, away from water and sunlight. As far as possible to choose vertical and put on the wooden or rubber mat shelves. Stacked, should be in the glass between a layer of paper may be small wooden block, in case of this handling, the two pieces of glass adsorption together, must prevent the water between the glass, because the glass between the membrane will not evaporate, will absorb the alkali components of glass. Should ensure that the transport distance smooth, high, wide to leave room.Glass Greenhouse

     Most glass greenhouses are used for the production of plants such as flowers and vegetables, glass in a state of no pollution, light in the greenhouse, growth and development of suitable plants. With the use of the time of decommissioning, the glass surface will be smoke dust and other pollution, a glass light transmission function of the decline, and then affect the use of greenhouse. Therefore, in the process of greenhouse production application, should be based on the degree of pollution, when the cleaning glass cover surface to ensure that the normal greenhouse lighting and crop normal growth.Glass Greenhouse