Glass Greenhouse Vegetable Planting

- Jul 15, 2017-

            The Dutch glass greenhouse vegetable planting has been a century of history, in this hundred years, the cultivation of glass greenhouse vegetables are run by family farms, in the face of strong competition such as forest, growers in the production of the best reproductive materials, efficient management and quality control, the combination of planting and trade fast distribution system, greatly promote the development of infrastructure, so that the Netherlands glass greenhouse vegetable cultivation technology to continue to improve, now, the Netherlands glass greenhouse vegetables grown in annual production value of 1.4 billion U.S. dollars, 7.5% of output, of which three-fourths of the products are exported to all over the world.Glass Greenhouse

            Regional characteristics early in the late 19th century the Netherlands began to grow vegetables in glass greenhouses. At first, glass-greenhouse gardening was concentrated in the area between Rotterdam and The Hague in the western Netherlands, then extended to Asmel, south of Amsterdam, because of the limited land area in the densely populated western region, which has led to the development of the glass-greenhouse horticulture industry in the south and north. The main reason for this kind of glasshouse gardening is to focus on a few areas because of the local good foundation, where there are supply companies, qualified talents, good climatic conditions, broad market, and well-developed transportation and communication facilities. In terms of climate, the benefits of glasshouse gardening are largely dependent on climatic conditions, where temperature, humidity and sunlight are the determining factors for the output per square metre of glass greenhouses, and the vast majority of greenhouse concentrations in coastal areas are not coincidental. Because the coastal area in winter warm summer cool sunshine sufficient to engage in glass greenhouse gardening best conditions, therefore, in the western coastal areas of the Netherlands, vegetable greenhouses is very large, regional strong, 170,000 of the annual labor force in glass greenhouse vegetables planting work.Glass Greenhouse

             High degree of specialization the total area of the Netherlands glass greenhouse is more than 1 million square meters, the area of which is used to grow vegetables is 420,000 square meters, run by 4,400 farms, each farm has the average glass greenhouse 9600 square meters. Glass greenhouse vegetables variety, is generally based on the needs of the consumer market cultivation, including tomatoes 110,000 square meters, bell pepper 100,000 square meters, cucumber 80,000 square meters, in addition to strawberry, eggplant, lettuce, chicory, zucchini, sweet peas and so on. In Holland glass greenhouse vegetables are cultivated by a professional farm, generally a farm only a kind of vegetables, this choice of specific varieties of methods can enable growers to concentrate on a door, in the technical knowledge of the improvement in both to improve production and to ensure that the growing vegetables have a higher quality.Glass Greenhouse