Great Harvest In German Antarctic Station’s Plant Factory

- Jan 16, 2019-

Far away in Antarctic, great news came from the scientific station. A great harvest in “The Garden of Eden” greenhouse which we usually called the plant factory.

After one year’s hard work and 257 days totally isolated with outside environment. With out soil, without sunlight, this 13m2 plant factory gets 270kg vegetables, including: 110g salad, 67kg cucumber, 8kg radish, 19kg cabbage, 46kg tomato.


“The Garden of Eden” greenhouse is a pilot project for crop cultivation research under extreme conditions. The ultimate expectation is to participate in the mission of the moon and Mars. This greenhouse cultivation not only provides fresh ingredients for researchers stationed in the Antarctic. German Aerospace Center officials said that the concept of self-sufficient greenhouses will be of great significance to areas with high climate requirements and future manned missions to the moon and Mars.


Cultivate in extreme conditions is a common goal in agriculture field. KINGPENG group also participate in research of plant factory. KINGPENG have started the research since year 2008 and built the first plant factory in Beijing. And now, KINGPENG’s container plant factory coming into the third generation which has better sealing property and easier to transport.

Now, the 3rd generation container plant factory is using in our base in Tongzhou, Beijing. welcome to visit!

container palnt factory

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