Greenhosue Becoming Belt Between Kingpeng And University Dhaka

- Mar 26, 2019-

 Starting construction at University of Dhaka,Bangladesh

A PC sheet greenhouse for biologic research and study in University of Dhaka begin to take a shape. This PC greenhouse is built for the Faculty of Biological Sciences Department of  University of Dhaka. Whole greenhouse divided into 8 sections for different purpose with different functions. For cultivation syetem inside greenhouse has equiped environment control system to make whole greenhouse control automaticly.



Adopt intelligent environmental control system which realizes the annual continuous production through high-precision environmental control system. It uses computer to automatically control the temperature, humidity, light, and nutrient solution and other environmental conditions of the plant, so it can provide plants suitable environment and are not or rarely constrained by natural conditions hot and rainy in Dhaka.

As in Dhaka always rainy,so artificial light is light instead of sunlight for plant growth and development, by this way effectively extend and scientifically control the light intensity and light quality of plants, and realize free from external environment and works continuous which is very suitable for research and tests for students. 

Kingpeng as one leader of facility greenhouse companies hope we can help more and more people all over the world, not only farmers,but also students who in the future will involved in facility agriculture.


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