Greenhouse Applications

- Jul 31, 2020-

Internet of things technologies

In fact, Internet technology is the various sensing technologies, modern network technology and application aggregation and integration of artificial intelligence and automation technology. In greenhouse environment in, Dan Dong greenhouse can using real networking technology, became wireless sensor network a measurement control district, used different of sensor node and has simple implementation institutions of node, as wind machine, and low voltage motor, and valve, work current partial low of implementation institutions, constitute wireless network, to measurement matrix humidity, and components, and pH value, and temperature and air humidity, and pressure, and light strength, and carbon dioxide concentration,, again through model analysis, automatically regulation greenhouse environment, and control irrigation and fertilization job, To obtain optimum conditions for plant growth.

For greenhouses and acres of agricultural Park, the Internet of things also can realize the automatic detection and control of information. Equipped with wireless sensor nodes, each wireless sensor node can monitor various environmental parameters. By receiving data from wireless sensor sink, storage, display and data management, enables all the base test point information capture, management, analysis and processing, and intuitive diagrams and graphs displayed to the users of each greenhouse, while according to the plant's demand for a variety of sound and light alarm information and SMS alarm messages to achieve greenhouse-intensive and remote network management.

In addition, the Internet of things technology can be applied to different stages of production. In greenhouse prepared input production stage, through in greenhouse in layout various sensor, can real-time analysis greenhouse internal environment information, to better to select suitable planting of varieties; in production stage, practitioners can with real networking technology means collection greenhouse within temperature, and humidity, more class information, to achieved fine management, for example shade network opening and closing of time, can according to greenhouse within temperature, and light, information to sensing control, heating system started time, can according to collection of temperature information to regulation,; in products harvest Hou, The information collected can also make use of the Internet of things, environmental factors at different stages of plant performance and analysis feedback into the next round of production, in order to achieve better management, for more quality products.