Greenhouse Development In China.

- Jul 08, 2016-

(1) solar greenhouses and plastic greenhouses. Horticulture production, particularly vegetable production in sunlight greenhouse in nearly 20 years to benefit in China's farming industry. Current area of protected horticulture in China has reached more than 3 million hm2, total area and first in the world. Greenhouse area of more than 600,000 hm2, greenhouse and greenhouses and other large facilities, with a total area of 50%, about the total greenhouse area in the North of 80%. Vegetable horticulture area with a total area of more than 95%, total vegetable production has exceeded billion tons. In sunlight greenhouse in northern China after their building structure, environmental improvement and cultivation technique of controlling technology, initially forming equipment horticultural production system with Chinese characteristics--energy-saving sunlight greenhouse cultivation techniques. At 40 ° n the Alpine region can be achieved in winter heating vegetables, basic elimination of off-season vegetables in winter and spring, this technology is widely used in northern China, southern region promoted plastic shed and screen culture, solves the problem of rain in summer cooling.

(2) in recent years, the overall level of protected horticulture porject in China has been significantly improved. Facility type plastic shed and greenhouse, and gradually larger, diverse directions. Local governments at various levels will be protected horticulture porject as entry point for the development of modern agriculture, have established a modern and efficient agricultural demonstration Park. According to experts ' analysis, in the more than 3 million hm2 horticulture production in China, represents the highest level of large greenhouse horticulture in our country just more than 400 hm2, accounted for a total area of about 0.013%.