Greenhouse Dripping Irrigation System

- Dec 14, 2017-

Dripping irrigation is a major form of micro-irrigation technology, and also the most widely used, the most cost-effective irrigation methods. The irrigation water is transported through the irrigation pipe net in the greenhouses, and the dripping drops are slowly dropped into the soil through dripping emitter around the roots of the crops. The dripping method by using dripping tube in the greenhouse has many advantages, except can save a lot of water and labor, also irrigation precision, achieve water and fertilizer mix, improve the soil structure and field environment.


Features of dripping irrigation system:


l  Saving 60%-80% water than traditional flood irrigation, and adding the irrigation area by using the same water

l  Appropriately and timely dripping irrigation is available, and can prevent soil compaction and soil and fertilizer loss

l  Can effectively control the flow of each emitter, irrigation uniform and crops growing neatly

l  Sloping ground can also be irrigated,  and reduce the difficulty of land formation

l  Fertilization with water can reduce labor and improve efficiency and yield, adjust receipt period



Advantages of Dripping Tube:

l  Dripping precision, uniform, and emitter mode is embedded inside the tube;

l  With strong waterproof performance, and more inlet have filter function, in addition with wide - channel turbulent flow and double - outlet design can prevent small sediment flow with the water, and makes the emitter not easy to plug, anti-blocking performance is extremely strong;

l  Durable and long life span: The dripping tube material containing UV absorbers, antioxidants and special additives, can be placed, bent and moved arbitrary, and the service life up to 5 years;

l  Wide range of pressure: 0.1Mpa is the best working pressure and the maximum pressure can bear 0.25Mpa.




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