Greenhouse For Eustoma

- Oct 19, 2018-

flower greenhouse

Yunnan as the “city of flower”, has the most suitable climate for flower grow. It is the most important place for flower production. Yunnan became famous because of roses production in first place, and in recent years, the production of other kinds of flower also blooming. Eustoma is one of the new stars.

venlo-type greenhouse

To grow quality eustoma, a 2.3Ha greenhouse was built in Song Ming, Yunnan. To get the most from local environment with lower investment. This greenhouse use Venlo greenhouse structure and covered with PO film. PO film has outstanding performance of preserve infrared inside the greenhouse, so the temperature inside greenhouse is about 5 ℃ higher than general film greenhouse. This feature makes lower cost of greenhouse operation. Rolling bench were installed to grow potted flower, and it can help saving growing space and boost flower production.However, the Eustoma seeds resource is limited in China. So the flower seeds were imported from Japan, and varieties will be selected for Chinese market in this greenhouse.

This 2.3ha flower greenhouse takes 4 months to built up from February to June in year 2017. Solution for greenhouse provided by KINGPENG Corporation.

rolling bench

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