Greenhouse Have Been Operated Over Ten Years In Good Condition

- Dec 11, 2020-


Last Friday Mr. Zhang the Manager of construction department from Kingpeng visited to a glass greenhouse supplied by Kingpeng and built in the year 2010 in Jiangsu Province for getting feedback from our end user and to have a better service for customers.



When Mr. Zhang arrived on the greenhouse site, Dr. Chen hold his hand, Kingpeng ‘s visiting made him surprise and gave us a warm welcome. And then he showed us around the greenhouse. “The greenhouse Kingpeng supplied have been used over ten years. we used it planting strawberry, and now most of the structure, heating system water system and curtain screen system all works well and in good condition, except few of irrigation pipes were broken and few pieces glass is broken” Dr. Chen said approved.


And Mr. Zhang from Kingpeng promised” we will try our best to solve the problems as soon as possible”. At the same time, Dr. Chen said smiling: We have another 4 greenhouses supplied by Kingpeng during the lase ten years and also operate in good condition, and in the coming year we will build one more greenhouse in Jiangsu Province for vegetable”.