Greenhouse Play An Important Role In Fighting Poverty

- Oct 27, 2020-

Located in Yungang District Datong, West China, a multi-span glass greenhouse which design and constructed by Beijing Kingpeng is under construction. This greenhouse is a project supported withanti-poverty funds from the central budget and is ready for inspection by Party A.


The Chairman Wang (first from left), the user of the greenhouse, accompanied by Technical Manager Mr.Li (first from right) from Kingpeng visited the greenhouse onsite.

The greenhouse is designed with a floor area of 2,746 square meters. The roof is covered by 8mm double-layer PC board, and the surrounding facade is covered by 5+9A+5mm double-layer insulating glass. Now the installation of covering materials has been completed and will be transferred to the installation of the greenhouse internal supporting system.


The greenhouse is equipped with a seedling area, flower area, leaf and vegetable area, and a heating system with internal heat preservation system and snow melting system, which can ensure the normal operation of the greenhouse in winter.

It will not only provide fresh vegetables for datong, but also make its due contribution to the poverty alleviation in Yungang District after put-into use.

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