Greenhouse Risk Management Plan For The Greenhouse Under Extreme Conditions

- Mar 13, 2020-

With the development of China's facility agriculture technology, vegetable production under extreme environmental conditions has been realized by using modern greenhouse facilities and soilless cultivation technology. In 2015, the Chinese Antarctic research station completed the construction of a greenhouse, providing vegetable. In recent years, Kingpeng has also completed many greenhouses under extreme conditions.


Under extreme conditions, the more stringent the environmental conditions, the greater the risk of greenhouse construction, the higher the requirements for greenhouse risk management. For the purpose of energy conservation and heat preservation, it is necessary to develop and build modular, high-intensity and low-energy modern greenhouses suitable for extreme environments, so as to ensure that the indoor environment meets the needs of vegetable growth and fundamentally improve the production conditions of vegetables.


Extreme environment greenhouses generally have design requirements for cold and wind resistance. Firstly, the existing greenhouse structural materials will become brittle and not strong enough when used in the extremely cold region, so the selection of greenhouse materials needs to be studied. Secondly, the wind speed in the polar wind area is generally high. And the general greenhouse structure can only resist general wind speed. So it is necessary to design the anti-wind structure of the greenhouse.


Kingpeng provides greenhouse risk management plan under extreme environmental conditions. Before the project design, the list of key risk factors is used to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the risks of the greenhouse project, identify risk sources, judge whether the predicted risks exist and the influence degree of these factors, so as to avoid missing key risk factors. And from the aspects of changing the nature of risks, the probability of risk occurrence and the size of risk consequences, risk aversion, risk transfer, risk prevention, risk control and risk bearing and other risk countermeasures are formulated.

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