Greenhouse Select

- Jul 31, 2020-

Beyond the permafrost, greenhouse design is based on the basis of geological structure and local climate conditions in cold area and the relative depth of Foundation soil loose areas. Not all year-round greenhouse production than for production of greenhouse darker, stone or river stones fill plus 2030 cm above the base of thick beams, beams on masonry walls, walls have insulation layer, insulation sandwich filled with polystyrene, perlite insulation materials. Advised to expansion joints of the wall beyond the 70 meter, the back wall of the greenhouse greenhouse according to the nature, there is a ventilation window for ventilation in winter use. Rainbow arch under the greenhouse wall Cap before embedded parts, arch for use at install time. Greenhouse wall height determined in accordance with greenhouse span, generally 8-meter span greenhouse back wall height of 2.5 meters. 7.5 m span greenhouse back wall height of 2.3 meters.

Location should be selected on a flat plot greenhouse site selection is very important. Underground water levels will not be too high, away from light mountains and buildings, planting and farming users, where there is pollution or building sheds. Addition of strong monsoon area taking into account the wind resistance of selected greenhouse. Wind resistance of the greenhouse should be 8 or above.

Greenhouse greatly influence the ability to heat the greenhouse, greenhouse. According to experience in greenhouse in the South towards the West as well. West point at 510. This makes it easier to more heat, and the savings in greenhouse. If building more greenhouse, greenhouse space should not be less than the width of a greenhouse.

Shed shed shed in the North and South sides respectively, engage in planting greenhouse recommends choosing North-South. This can make in greenhouse crops is assigned to uniform light.

Greenhouse wall material as long as it has good thermal insulation and heat capacity data that can be used. Emphasis here in the greenhouse wall heat must be functional, greenhouse construction to local conditions. In order to store heat. At night, this heat is released to keep the temperature inside the greenhouse balance. Brick walls, cement grey wall, retaining wall has a regenerative ability. Greenhouse walls with brick-concrete structure is better.