Happy International Wowen's Day

- Mar 12, 2021-

The latest Monday is International Women’s day. Beijing Kingpeng has held a series of activities for “Goddess of KINGPENG”. These activities held by Mr. Wang Junfeng, the Present of KINGPENG, and Mr. Gu Benjia, the General manager of KINGPENG. These activities including commend outstanding workers, invited yoga coach to held a yoga course and prepared exquisite gifts for the ladies.


The gentleman of KIGNPENG who are working at the greenhouse site, recorded a video to the ladies and blessing this beautiful day.


We are so happy that KINGPENG have many positive and warmhearted ladies working on every position in KINGPENG group. Their professional and hardworking improved the efficiency of the team and keep it full of vitality.

Hope each “Goddess of KINGPENG”, forever young and be happy! Happy Women’s day!