High Altitude Vegetable Will Be Grow In 14 Sets New Flexible Greenhouse

- Nov 06, 2020-

A new vegetable export base in Taibai, Baoji, Shanxi Province has been under construction and is digging foundation. 


The project, total 14 sets greenhouse, is located in the mountainous areas Qinling, West China, which with poor soil. So the client selected the new flexible thermal insulation wall solar greenhouse developed by Kingpeng in this mountains area. This type greenhouse with little or no civil construction and little damage to the original land, which conforms to the national agricultural land use requirements. Moreover, the fully fabricated structure is convenient and easy for disassembly and installation, and reduces the loss of ground construction for short term rent-land. 



In Taibai county there is a tradition for planting alpine vegetables. No industrial pollution in the county, so it is a good area for planting green vegetables. This greenhouse is used for grow alpine vegetables for exporting to other countries and areas. T14 sets greenhouse will be under construction at the same time and unified management in growing process for growing good quality vegetables.