High Pressure Fogging Temperature Cooling System In Greenhouse

- Jul 31, 2020-

           High Pressure Fogging Temperature Cooling System in Greenhouse

1、Working Principle

The water can absorb a lot of heat in the evaporation process, so that the ambient temperature can decrease. High-pressure fogging spray system is used this principle, by using of fog-generating units, and through the high pressure water professional nozzle make the water to produce 1-15 microns water droplets, thus those stimulated the droplets can be suspended in the air for a long time, until they absorb sufficient heating and then evaporate.


2、System Consisting

Complete sets of equipment for high pressure units

Filtering system

Automatic Control System


High-pressure pipelines and fittings

Pressure relief device

Water supply device


3、Standard Layout Plan

Spray pipe fixed in the greenhouse under the composite beam, and the pipeline spacing is 6 meters, fogging nozzles on the pipeline spacing with 2 meters. The adjacent two nozzles in the pipeline were 180 degrees and parallel to the ground located.


4、System Function

Obvious effect for cooling, removing humidification and dust, and high uniformity

With muti-function for drug, disinfection, deodorization, air purification and other functions

Run-time has a good landscape effect

All pipelines use high-pressure pipe and pipe fittings, good weather resistance, acid and alkali, easy installation and removal

Equipment with small footprint, and saving space

Can achieve automatic timing control, easy operation and management


5、Application Cases

The device can be used for planting greenhouse cooling humidification, eco-restaurant cooling humidification, landscape, livestock breeding disinfection and epidemic prevention, human ecological environment disinfection and epidemic prevention.