High Yield Greenhouse In Saudi Arabia

- Dec 11, 2018-


In last October, Kingpeng team visited Saudi Arabia for custmer service. During the visit, Kingpeng team go to the earliest greenhouse which built in King's university of Saudi Arabia. 

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These two sets of PC greenhouses were built in year 2012, for research of tomato and cucumber soilless growing. These greenhouses were covered by PC on side wall and PE film on greenhouse roof. It makes the greenhouse has better heat isolation ability. For comparation of these two greenhouses, one of them was installed outside shading system to protect the plants from high temperature and sunlight burn.

For the cultivation system, it equipped with PRIVA control system and fertilizer machine. It makes the greenhouse controlled automaticly and make most efficient use of water.

After 6 years, the tomato yield in this small greenhouse can reach to 62kg per square meter and cucumber yield reach to 50kg per square meter!

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