Historical Origin

- Jul 31, 2020-

Greenhouse origins dating back to the Qin dynasty period, according to scholar Wei Hong in the imperial civil records in the preface to the book "Qin burn book, fear of the world from the modified law and various health to worship as lang, around 700 people, is a key species in temperature in the Lishan hills and valleys. "Burying scholars alive, it was an age of more than 200 years of his life, his records were well regarded history as basis.

Tang dynasty scholar yan shigu in the book • vol 88 • ju Han 58th notes that "this wet soup in Xinfeng, ru Xiang, min," "wet soup place" is probably what Wei Hong said "temperature in the Lishan hills and valleys" that reinforces the credibility of Wei Hong. Wei Hong about Qin Shi Huang revealed in a valuable agricultural technical information that is in the period of Qin Shi Huang, the Chinese had invented the greenhouse technology.

Greenhouse features are classified according to the end use of the greenhouse features, can be divided into productive greenhouses, test (education) greenhouse and allowing public access to commercial greenhouses. Vegetable cultivation in the greenhouse, floriculture greenhouse, the cultivation of greenhouse are productive greenhouses; phytotron, greenhouse laboratories belonging to the test (education) greenhouse; a variety of ornamental greenhouses and retail greenhouse, commodity wholesale greenhouse, commercial greenhouse.

Greenhouse models can be divided into GLP622 Dan Dong/Lian Dong combined with 6-and 8-GKW7430 PC Board greenhouse GSW8432/8430/825 greenhouse.

Greenhouse greenhouse materials can be divided into film, the glass greenhouse, plastic greenhouse