Home Plant Factory, Entering Thousands Of Households

- Mar 17, 2020-

With the improvement of the human life quality, plant factories, especially home plant factories, get more and more attention.

“The plant factories of the future will certainly integrate very closely with the cities.” said by Mr. Yang of Environment and Sustainable Development Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

As Mr. Yang said, Since the home plant factory was exhibited in the Shanghai World Expo, the home plant factory began to enter thousands of households.


Kingpeng was one of the first companies who develop the Home Plant Factory. Home plant factory does not need spray any pesticides. Vegetables are safe and pollution-free. It can not only meet the family requirement for safety, hygiene, green vegetables and edify sentiment, close to nature, but it can also absorb carbon dioxide from the human environment and give off a lot of oxygen. It could add endless fun to city life.

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