Horticultural Standards For Product Quality And Safety Management System

- Jul 08, 2016-

In order to ensure that the broad masses of "bite of security", to use the most stringent standards, the most stringent supervision and severe penalties, the most serious accountability, through the promotion of standardization of production to ensure product quality and safety, ensure a stable production and supply to ensure that farmers ' income increase to ensure that industries upgrade, improve the level of organization of production and industrialization.

Input management system is established. Standard procurement of agricultural inputs (fertilizers, pesticides and seeds) should be registered by the State, certified, audited and allowed in the vegetables, fruits and tea products. Do production 100% unified Commission for, seedlings 100% Commission Yu Commission for, should records input products suppliers of related information, retained input products qualified proved, established input products access library Taiwan account and using management records standard Park should according to good agricultural specification, national standards of requirements, strengthened input products warehouse facilities construction and management, implemented solid and liquid products, and pesticides and fungicide separate store, store district and preparation district isolation, should equipped with drug leakage processing and wash facilities. Implement a pesticide specialist is responsible for keeping system.

Standard garden 100% to implement Commission anti-rule, is strictly prohibited in the standard production range using a restricted pesticide ban, should promote the use of high efficiency, low toxicity and low-residue pesticides and agro-technical measures such as physical, biological pest control and plant protection responsible pesticide use, pesticide use should be recorded on the signing. Establish pesticide packaging recovery and residual liquids unitary systems, to ensure their safe use. Standard garden to 100% promotion of formula fertilization by soil testing, application of organic fertilizer, improve soil quality, fertility, and rational use of fertilizers will because of soil for crops, the promotion of "coupling" technology, saving water, saving weight. Rational use of plant growth regulators, excess and the beyond use is strictly prohibited.