Horticulturalist Employment Observation:What Can We Do After NCEE Of China?

- Jul 10, 2020-

Along with the ringing bells of the last exam, the China National College Extrance Examimation(NCEE) has come to end on July 8th, though the COVID-19 has pushed off the NCEE for more than 1 month.


The next important thing for all students is finishing the college application, here is what we want to talk: What Major will be most popular in 2020?

If we ask this questions two or three years ago, it’s going to be IT, Finance, Medical Science or Language. Now it seems that AI, Mass Media are more welcomed.

However, there is a major which is always listed in the top 10 of the most popular Major list in the past few year, but not so highlighted.

It is horticulture.

As is well-known, Human Resource, especially high-end talents is always the most valuable property of companies and countries. High-end talents is rare and new blood is badly need in horticulture industry of China in the past few years. Meanwhile, the general horticulture management level of China still have huge gap to the top level of the world leading group.

There is a investigation last year about the horticulturist employment condition: 46.91% of horticulture companies can’t get enough professional horticulturist, even they have some “experts” which has many years experience of horticulture, but they didn’t get any systematic training and can’t fulfill the needs of high-end horticulture project design and construction.

So what should we do?

Cultivate the talents just like growing flowers from the very beginning. It looks simple and now we can lead the trend of horticulture and guarantee the continuous output of horticulturist.

But is it enough to solve the lack of horticulturist? Let’s see how the job market responds.

The annual production value of China Horticulture Industry is about 150 trillion RMB and this number is rising very fast. For example, there are more than 20K flower production companies and 2K flower trading market in China, this flower industry has absorbed more than 1.5 million practitioners.


Now the companies need more and more horticulturist, because their business volume annual growth is more than 20%. However, the college can only provide one-fifth of the total talent demands of these companies averagely.

In the investigation, only 17.7% of horticulture companies are willing to provide more than 10K RMB salary for their horticulturist. About 52.5% of these companies could provide 5000-10K RMB salary for their horticulturist. But they also face the problem of long-term trainning cost of new graduates, because they only have theory and have no practical experiment.

So there are still long way to go for the horticulture industry of China and everyone in this industry have to think about how to break this predicament.

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