Horticulture Cultivation Service

- Nov 07, 2016-

Kingpeng as the biggest greenhouse manufacturer and exporter in China has exported different kinds of greenhouses to more than 40 countries and regions in different climate areas, including Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, America, Ethiopia, and Angola etc. We try to provide you not only the best customized greenhouse products, but also the best horticulture cultivation service.

1,  Soilless Cultivation 

Soilless cultivation refers to a method of cultivation using a substrate or a nutrient solution without using natural soil. Because the soilless culture can create a good environment for roots to replace the soil environment, effectively prevent soil diseases, and fully meet the crops on mineral nutrition, water, gas and other environmental conditions, cultivation of basic materials and  with characteristics of water, fertilizer saving, labor saving and high yield and quality can be recycled.

2, Facility Horticulture Cultivation Plan 

Kingpeng has set up a professional horticultural team to provide customers with the production plan of high-efficiency crops (fruits, vegetables and flowers) in the intelligent greenhouse, solar greenhouse, greenhouse and other facilities, and can provide service from production and implementation of production targets, selection seeds and biological characteristics, environmental regulation, plant adjustment to the pest control and other aspects of the production of planting technology services. 

3,  Horticulture Engineering Plan

Combined with modern intelligent greenhouse to achieve the annual stability of environmental conditions, facilities for the development of new functions and planning, and leisure and tourism will be organic combination of greenhouse production, through professional planning to form different themes of landscape design, increase science, tourism and experience functional elements. Our professional team is able to offer our clients the planning, construction and planting technical services of greenhouse parks (vegetable theme park, melon fruit greenhouses, hydroponic landscape greenhouses), ecological restaurants and sunshine clubs.

4,  Family Horticulture

Through the exquisite personalized design, decoration, gardening can be beautify, green family environment, share of planting, hard work and harvest happiness, but also allow your family members in the green, flowers, harvest to enjoy the bustling city "pastoral planting" fun.

5,  Greenhouse and Garden Area Plan

High-tech agricultural park is a new model of modern agriculture, for the purpose to showcase and promote regional agricultural development. Kingpeng adhere to the scientific concept of development, and can provide customers with local conditions of the park planning program.

ow your family members in the green, flowers, harvest to enjoy the bustling city "pastoral planting" fun.